Canadian Music School License – U$40.00

$40.00 / month

Our Singer’s Edge Program License Includes

Dozens Of Features Not Found Anywhere Else:

Our program is the world’s first and only comprehensive curriculum designed for learning popular singing styles. Learn all the essential skills for popular singing. Read the description below to learn about the 25 features of our revolutionary Singer’s Edge Program.

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Our Singer’s Edge Program License Includes Dozens Of Features Not Found Anywhere Else:

  1. Lesson book series comprised of 4 levels teaching 96 skills in-depth
  2. Easy to understand Lesson Books that make learning structured, fun, and easy.
  3. Lesson book ordering at discount merchant pricing for resale.
  4. Exclusive access to ordering our lesson books. Unlicensed schools cannot purchase our materials.
  5. Students excited to finish and earn certificates at the end of each of the program levels.
  6. Suitable for students of any skill level with streams designed for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level singers.
  7. Custom exercises for every stream are given for each skill.
  8. The program is designed to be repeated at more advanced levels, taking anywhere from 2 to 6 years to fully complete
  9. Designed for singers of any age from ages 5 to adults
  10. Addresses skills needed for all popular music styles such as pop, rock, r&b & jazz music.
  11. Learn the same “mix voice” methods used by stars that students love
  12. “Plug & Play”. Easy to understand and apply for teachers from any background. Little preparation is needed.
  13. Online quick-start teacher training videos for any teacher to get started quickly.
  14. Teachers are happier and worry-free about what to teach students from lesson to lesson.
  15. Attract and retain voice teachers who want to be a part of something special only available at your school.
  16. Program level tracking cards included to tangibly check-off each accomplishment as complete.
  17. Students, teachers, and parents easily track progress and see the value they are paying for.
  18. Multiple mini-goals throughout the program to motivate and inspire students.
  19. Designed to boost retention for voice students, keeping them engaged in learning much longer.
  20. Complete solutions to difficult issues such as extending range, how to sing on pitch, and learning rhythm.
  21. Full access for your students to over 100 online practice scales making student at-home practice easy.
  22. Earn More Money! Use our branding to bring more students to your school and increase conversions.
  23. Vocal students at your school will sound better than ever, and be shining examples of your school’s brand.
  24. Be a part of an exclusive, growing network of passionate voice educators.
  25. Competitor blocking. Give yourself the ‘edge’ over your biggest competitors.