Plug & Play Ready

With our comprehensive lesson book series, there's nothing to prepare for. Just dive in.

2 Years Of Lesson Plans

Our program is based on 96 skills over a period of 2 years for progressive development.

Online Practice Scales

Our program is based on 96 skills over a period of 2 years for progressive development.

Wholesale Pricing

Licensee studios can purchase our lesson books at wholesale pricing for retail sale.

Done For You

Each lesson book is made ready for you to go, so you can teach stress-free.

For Ages 5 To Adult

The system is flexible enough for use with voice students of any age and ability.


Adapt the program as you wish! It is designed to be flexible to accomodate all needs.

Adaptive For Abilities

The program can be worked by students at beginner, intermediate, and advance levels.

Student Tracking Cards

To accompany the lessons books, each level also has accompanying skill tracking cards.

Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied, return in 90 days for a full refund!

Techniques Used By Stars

The same techniques in pop, rock, r&b, and musical theatre as used by stars loved by everyone.

Popular Singing Styles

Our program was designed to accomodate all popular styles of singing.

Teacher Resource Kits

Our teacher resource kits are perfect for teachers to track students in the program.

Certificate Awards

Students earn certificates for each level of the program as they progress through each level.

Cyclical Program

Return to the beginning of the program when complete for a deeper experience.


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  • 5
    "It simplifies the process of structuring a lesson and provides the student with motivation and a sense of an accomplishment, as it allows them to know exactly what they are learning and how they are moving forward. The combined educational value of the clarity of knowledge laid out on the page and the flexibility to go in any order, at any skill level, is the physical accompaniment to vocal teaching of your dreams."
    Marshall Jacklin, Singer’s Edge Program Teacher
  • 5
    “I have been so happy with Singers Edge at our studio. It has really helped to have a good curriculum for voice. Something that has been sorely lacking to this point. Thanks for helping our students grow into better singers.”
    Tim Veurink, Music School Owner
  • "Brandon is an absolutely marvelous teacher… And he’s fast too! Mr. Brophy is an excellent musician and has over the years I’ve known him pulled into his voice training work the entire musical prowess experienced in his lifelong passionate focus towards his vocal application. It is with great confidence and expectation of success that I recommend Mr. Brophy, the kind of voice teacher that we should all be fortunate to be able to work with."
    Seth Riggs, Vocal Coach to Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Ray Charles, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Lopez, and more.
  • “There are plenty of books out there on vocal technique, style, practice methods, vocal anatomy and musical theory but more often than not they are aimed at classical singers, written by people who do not understand the contemporary voice. This is a practical and ‘artist’ sensitive guide for contemporary singers. No airy fairy imagery, just practical easy to do follow exercises for a developing singer who wants to understand how to craft their art whilst singing in a safe and accessible way.”
    Line Hilton, iSing Magazine Editor
  • “Brandon has compiled exactly what I was missing in my youth - a practical approach to developing the singing voice and the tools to accomplish those burning dreams you have that will not go away."
    Dave Stroud, Voice Coach to Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, Demi Lovato, & Kelly Clarkson.
  • "I love using the Singers Edge program to supplement my vocal lessons with students. I find that by having that structure helps the student understand the voice in a deeper, more methodical way rather than throwing a bunch of different concepts at them, which can get very confusing. I think students really dig the program as well because each concept that is introduced, is then practiced and signed off by the coach, which gives them a sense of accomplishment. They can visually track their progress as they move through the modules. Overall, I think it's an excellent program and very pertinent to modern styles of music, which is very important and needed!"
    Joanna Mohammed-Gonzalez, Voice Teacher
  • “The SE program has not only improved my students' experience of learning voice and improved retention, it has also made my teaching more organized. Of course, every student is different and every voice needs different training, but this is also accounted for in the program. I find it really easy to adjust the program to accommodate the student. For example, if there are severe pitch issues at the start, I choose the address those before I do other things. If your student is sick, starting with the rhythm exercises keeps the student active musically without pushing their voice in a fragile state. Every subject we work on can be done absolute beginner to really advanced, so there is no worry for it being too hard or too easy.”
    Lieke van der Voort, Voice Teacher